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About 8 month ago I had an operation on duodenal ulcer resection. After the operation my doctor put me on Carafate treatment course. This medication greatly helped me overcome the rehabilitation period and restore my gastrointestinal tract normal functioning. It made the healing period really seamless and trouble-free for me. I have seen the sufferings of other people after such an operation as I had - they couldn't stabilize their digestive system, couldn't eat normal food for long months. Besides if the rehabilitation period id not organized properly there could be different complications, starting from regular vomiting and fatigue and up to ulcer recurrence, what is absolutely awful. It brings to nothing the effect from the operation and the result is that a person has undergone most serious treatment with invasive manioulations that could have drastic delayed consequences and the operation brought him nothing as now a new one is needed. So it is vain shock and harm for the body that is already damaged by the disease. Carafate helped me avoid all these problems, it made my post-operation period quick and easy. I am very satisfied with this medication and grateful to my doctor for the reasonable decision.
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